First Post

April 21, 2006

What the hell am I doing here? Well, I had a blog at Typepad but I wasn’t keeping up with it so it was hard to justify the expense – no matter that it was only $10 a month. Sometimes, just sometimes, I’m cheap that way.

Still, I like having a place to share stuff. Sure there’s e-mail, but it’s a pain to decide who gets to see what, and I’d rather have people stop by when they have time — you know, casual like. And a web site? A bona fide web site? Gah! Too much fuss for this girl. I have time issues with that idea. So, here we are, back on Blogger and hopefully for the duration.

So, welcome! And stick around — you might see something you like, laugh a little – or a lot, and maybe, just maybe you’ll even learn a few things along the way. Maybe.



  1. I understand. with gas prices, who can blame ya :), Peace!

  2. No kidding! $3.13 for premium tonight!!! Talk about ripping me a new one…

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