Monday Mind Lint

A good friend of mine – and a Windoze user, no less! – pointed out that Apple has once again released something that’s better than sex… well, almost. It’s a 17″ MacBook Pro complete with built-in iSight and the all-important Intel chip. The nice thing is that now you also have the option of booting to Windows! Yes, boys and girls, that was the seventh sign and the end of the world is nigh.

Did you know that you can get EXTRA gifts if you get your friends and relatives to start celebrating the old European custom of Name Day? Of course, you’ll have to celebrate theirs as well. It’s only fair!

On a related note (ha!) you can find out what song is your “life theme” by punching in your birth date at I am please to report that my life theme is a favorite of mine – Hey Jude by The Beatles. w00t! Hey, it could have been much worse.

Finally, DON’T forget that tomorrow – April 25 – is Ben & Jerry’s FREE CONE DAY. Take a tip from me and try to get there when your local store opens. Even just an hour later the lines will rival those of the people who waited outside theaters for Lord Of The Rings tickets to go on sale. The line moves pretty quickly though because almost everyone is there just for the free cone and no one has to cash out, so don’t let a little line stop you even if it does seem endless. If all goes well the Holland, MI event will be fully documented in my Flickr photo stream. Show up, enjoy your free ice cream, and give the guys a little love… they need all the good Karma that they can get this week.

~ Katie

“The only thing new in this world is the history that you don’t know.” ~ Harry S. Truman

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