Just SUPER, Man!

Duane – Ready To See SUPERMAN In 3D IMAX Goodness
Originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

SWEET! The Duane and I decided at the last minute to go see SUPERMAN RETURNS at the local IMAX tonight and I gotta say, damn fine movie, people! Damn fine movie!!

Nice tight plot, didn’t take itself too seriously, but didn’t skew too far toward the ridiculous either (think: X-MEN 3). And the best part? Well, you’re gonna think I didn’t like the rest of the movie (I DID! I DID! I SWEAR IT!) but I LOVED the opening title sequence! It was… well, for lack of a better word it was EXCITING! It got me all pumped up for the movie and the movie didn’t let me down. They made a good call when they decided to use the original John Williams film score for that. Yep, a good call.

The only drawback that I found was the 3D version itself. You see, the entire movie is NOT in 3D… only about four scenes are. That means that you have to keep your glasses handy and wait for the flashing green glasses symbol to pop up on the screen before you put them on. When the 3D scene is over you get a red flashing glasses symbol telling you to take them off. It was very distracting. I think in the future The Duane and I will be skipping any movies shown “with 3D” (only certain bits in 3D goodness) but we’ll still fork over the extra $$ to see a movie “in 3D” (the whole movie is in 3D goodness).

1:07am. Damn, that’s late. Yeah, I forgot to mention that by the time we decided to see it all of the early shows were sold out. Oops! Well, have a great Thursday (or Friday, depending on where you are in relation to the International Date Line) and for gosh sakes SEE SUPERMAN RETURNS THIS WEEKEND!

~Katie, off to bed…

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