I Got Jazz For Your Jitney

D and I are starting to look for a new car. It’s not that this one is on it’s last leg or anything… far from it, in fact. But it’s getting old and we put at least 50 miles on it every week day, and God only knows how much driving we do evenings and weekends. I’ll just say this – it’s a lot of driving.

Anyway, we haven’t found our dream car yet, but we’ve got some prospects. We’d like to stick with the “hybrid wagon” form (think Pontiac Vibe or Toyota Matrix), we want it to be a stick, it should have a mileage rating as good as or better than our Vibe, and it needs to take regular unleaded jazz because I’m tired of paying for the good stuff (our car requires it).

The most essential features, of course, are a moon roof, a kicking stereo, and an iPod dock. I’m just saying!

My point – and I do have one – is that I’ve been looking around, reading up, finding some cool stuff on the Net that will help us make the best decision. I mean, we’re going to have this car for several years so we’d best find something we’re happy with. And given the fact that gas for our Vibe is retailing at about $3.28/gal. today, I’m going to share some interesting fuel economy resources…

WikiHow gives you tips on how to Save Money On Gas.
FuelEconomy.gov tells you what you’re spending, where to find low gas prices locally, how to economize with your current car, and helps you decide what to get next. (I like it because it includes emissions information for us tree huggers, as well!)

GasBuddy.com is sort of a social networking gas price site, where you and tens of thousands of people like you constantly report in on the gas prices at your local station.

So cool, now you’re good to go for the holiday weekend. Drive safely and watch out for the morons – they’ll be out in full force this weekend.

Happy 4th!


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