Gallery Girl

Walking In Your Footsteps

Later on in the day on Saturday I met up with some other local photographers and we spent the afternoon shooting photos all over downtown Grand Rapids. While we were walking around I shot this photo just for kicks and I almost didn’t even upload it to Flickr. I’m glad I did because it’s being viewed in a gallery in New York City even as I write this!

The project is called selfportraitr and it’s only running through August 25 so it may be too late for you to check it out. (Yes, I’ve been a LAZY blogger this week. For shame!) Basically they’ve got several computers set up in the gallery and the people who walk through can select their favorites from any of the photos on flickr tagged with “self-portrait”. As I understand it the photos that get the most love from the gallery patrons will be printed (with the photographer’s permission) and displayed in the gallery at a later date.

Very cool. I don’t expect my feet to even come CLOSE to winning a spot in the final exhibit, but very, very cool nonetheless.


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