Lobster And A Veg

When I was a girl I spent every summer and a few Christmas breaks at my Nana’s house in Maine. I vividly remember the lobster stand on the second floor in the Bangor airport. You could pick your own lobster out of the tank and they would pack it in ice in a carry on transport box for you to take home to New York City, Podunk, Idaho, Pago Pago, or wherever you were going. You could have a fresh Maine Lobster for dinner when you got home and fondly remember your time in Maine.

New airline security rules instituted in the wake of the London terrorist arrests last month state that no liquid other than baby food and prescription medicine can be taken into the cabin of the airplane. This presents a huge problem for duty-free shops whose most popular products are alcoholic beverages and perfume, and for the airport lobster people. Ice is considered liquid, and therefore banned. But they’ve come up with a unique and I think a perfect solution to the problem…

Listen to the full NPR report here.

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