Duelling Photographers

Squint Eastwood

Last night The Duane and I went down to Sweets* for coffee – or in my case hot cocoa – with Jeff, Terry, and Tommy. What FUN! We’ve all been crazy busy this past few months and it was so good to just stop and get together for a while, have a cuppa, and play “duelling photographers” for a while. (I won, by the way. This is my favorite shot from last night. Ha!)

Last weeks vast suckiness gave way to a fairly decent weekend. I got some pictures in Grand Rapids and Rockford on a lazy Sunday morning, shot my “One World, One Time” image for this month, and The Duane and I spent all of Sunday afternoon cleaning out our closets and drawers. The local Goodwill donation spot now has 6 grocery bags of clothing, one trash bag full of linens, two barely used pillows (they were too firm for my wimpy head and I was too lazy to return them), and a box of hangers. Yeah, I feel good that we donated but I feel BETTER about the fact that I can actually see the back of my closet again. As Terry would say – w00t!

This weekend I’m giving The Duane the best gift that a wife can give to her husband… I’m going away with his mom and sisters for the entire weekend of our 16th wedding anniversary. And to think, last year we just went out to dinner. This year we both get a priceless gift! (Just kidding. LOVE you, honey!) Photos up when I return on Sunday.

Stay happy.

* Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to call it The Bitter End now because they got sued. I can’t. I’m sorry. It’s Sweets and it always will be. Just like Grand Rapids Community College (“CC”) will always be known in my house as JC. Deal.

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