Push / Pull

Push / Pull
Originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

Today I’m walking on air. Of course, half the time I feel like I’m free falling THROUGH that air, and I get that queasy vomity feeling, but still, it’s all good. I think. Right?

So the reason for this happy, light, vomity, queasy feeling is that the coffee shop responded to my inquiry this morning. I’m to have a CD portfolio to them by the end of the week for review. Cross your fingers, pray, and maybe wish me luck? This could open up a whole new dimension in my hobby — not to mention how much it could help with my gear-buying habits!

That’s not all though. This afternoon a coworker asked me to shoot his wedding in November. He wants to hire me for this job. HIRE! ME!! It’s not so much the pressure of doing “an event” as it is the complete astonishment that someone thinks my work is good enough to pay money for. (You will here this repeated when one of my coffee shop photos sells… IF one of my coffee shop photos sells.)

It’s not so much that I don’t think I’m good enough. It’s that I feel that there are so many other photographers around who I know and respect and who, quite frankly, I think are WAY better than me. That’s where the push/pull comes in. That’s why I’m astonished, and humbled, and yes, frightened of all of this newness.

Here we go… wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Push / Pull

  1. Kish

    Well when you get so well known you need help with the paperwork, you know where I live :)…I think you are way undercrediting yourself, I have seen your work and you have a vision. I would have never looked at the building in my town and though “Now that is a photo op” but it was and you did….GREAT WORK AND CONGRATS!

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