Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

Originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

Tuesday was such a wonderful day. First, I found out that I could possibly display (and SELL) my work at the local coffee shop, then I was hired to photograph a wedding.


That night, as Duane and I made our way home at about 10pm, with me asleep on the passenger’s side and him checking to the left to see if he had to merge with any traffic, we hit a deer in the road head on. We are both OK, thank God, but our beautiful little Vibe that we loved to drive so much will not be OK. The insurance company has decided not to total it – pending further damage discovered by the body shop during repair – but it will never be the same. Sadly, Pontiac no longer makes the Vibe GT (just the regular Vibe) so we will probably trade our fixed Vibe in for a Honda Civic or something comparable.

Considering that one or both of us could have been seriously injured or killed, life is good.

Look for me taking photos at the Grand Rapids Marathon on Sunday. I’ll be the one in 30 layers of clothing, sporting the new Tamrac Sling Pack camera bag that I got myself for my birthday. w00t!

Be safe.


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