Speed Limit 25

Speed Limit 25
Originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

Sunday morning saw me up at FIVE A.M. and at the coffee shop by 6am to meet with the GR Flickr crew. Thank God for the time change is all I’ve got to say!

We were invited to shoot the Grand Rapids Marathon which started at 7am and ran until well after noon. Our invitation included “all access” badges and a chance to win $100 or $50 for the shots that the marathon organizers like the best. About 9 of us showed up and we took well over 1,000 photos of runners, crowds, volunteers, etc. This is my favorite – taken as I walked back to the car around noon to head for the finish line.

I power walked about 6 miles in just a few hours, and I paid for it in aches and stiffness for two days. How sad is that?? Time to make a concerted effort to get this wide load of mine back on to a treadmill more than once a week. I’ll never run a marathon, but I’d like to at least be able to walk around one!

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