Let It Snow! PLEASE!!!

Yeah, OK, I confess that I’m one of those losers who wait until Christmas week to go shopping. It’s not intentional, it’s environmental. My problem is this:

I can’t get into the Christmas spirit without the snow!!

There, I said it. Now all of you people who hate snow in any shape, form, or thickness can just flame away. Go on. Flame, flamers!

I can’t help it, I was born and raised in Michigan. Christmas to me is ribbons and little lights and my few favorite ornaments, it’s sitting down to dinner with the family and catching up over some of the best food and wine that you’ve ever tasted, it’s decorating the tree and making hot drinks like cocoa and mulled cider, it’s even listening to that silly Star Trek ornament of Duane’s say “Enterprise here. Spock speaking. Happy Holidays. Live long, and prosper.” every damn time we plug in the tree lights. Every. Damn. Time.

And yes, it’s snow.

I don’t need 15″ in an hour, I don’t even want it on the road, but it has to cover the grass and drop from the tree limbs whenever the wind kicks up. It has to crunch under my feet and spooge from under my feet when it gets slushy. It has to pack into a ball shape at a moment’s notice when I’ve got an unsuspecting target in my sights. It has to be there, and be cold, in order for me to really buy into the warmth of the holiday.

The snow that we had a few weeks ago has melted into vapor and I find myself with zero gifts to wrap and even less ambition to go buy some. The bummer is that I have two days off to shop next week and the local forecast says it will be in the 40’s and 50’s for the next week or so.

Hmm, I wonder if everyone that I know will be mad if I don’t give them gifts until January this year…


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