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The bag is here! The bag is here! Sorry, but I’m just a little bit ecstatic that our checked bag made it here (finally!) from San Francisco. That means (a) that I have my tripod and (b) that we have all of our toiletries.

Life is good!

We spent yesterday driving up the West Coast to take photos, have lunch, and take more photos.

Titahi Bay was a goldmine for someone like me who likes to photograph rusty old stuff like boat sheds and tractors. And despite the gray skies we all got some great shots. (Thanks AGAIN, Terry, for letting Duane borrow your point & shoot camera. You RAWK!)

Then we headed up to Paekakariki for lunch at a café. Afterward we wandered over to Steam Incorporated and took about a billion photos of rusty, decaying pieces parts from steam engines and railroad cars. Bliss! We followed that up with a walk on Paekakariki Beach, and then a crazy, crazy ride down Paekakariki Hill Road – I twisting, climbing, plunging road that was at once fun and terrifying. The closest I’ve ever come to the feeling of being in a roller coaster while sitting in a car!

More later on what we did today. I don’t even have the photos up yet! 🙂

Take care!

2 thoughts on “Shootout

  1. Dave

    Well you two are certainly peas in a pod — I had Flickr give me a slideshow of your Wellington pics, and I thought I could have been watching one of Jim’s (‘cept for the pics of Duane, of course). Great stuff!

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