People, For Dad

People, For Dad
Originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

Here’s a shot of windy Wellington from Saturday. We (Duane, Jim, Sophie, and I) went downtown to meet up with some of the Wellington Flickr Group. We had coffee, then went to the ukulele concert and shot photos until it was time to stop for lunch. More Wellington Flickrites were waiting for us at One Red Dog, a swanky place that serves scrumptious pizza! Shots of that later…

Anyway, dad wanted “shots of people” because “we’ve got rust and bolts here in Michigan that you can shoot!” I don’t know how to explain it without sounding like a complete nutter but the quality of the rust here is actually different. I know, I know, it’s hard to see when you don’t look at rust all the time, but it is. Trust me. I need to shoot the rust. 🙂

More later!

2 thoughts on “People, For Dad

  1. alaine

    I’m afraid to ask this in case it’s way too late…but did you happen to check which direction the water flows down the drain there? That would be the first thing for me to check and I doubt I’ll ever have the chance so I really hope you can show me a picture (or a movie would be better) of a counter clockwise drain. 🙂

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