Slow Down!!!

Speed Camera Area
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WOW! It’s Sunday night already (that’s Sunday morning 3am-ish for you Michigan folk) and our trip is almost over. So much for keeping a daily travel blog, eh? 🙂

We’ve both been taking a HUGE number of photos though… and there’s a story behind that. Duane borrowed our good friend Terry’s little Canon point & shoot for the trip and started taking photos and liked it a lot. Then Jim, our wonderful host, offered to lend him his old Panasonic and he got the shutterbug. He got it BAD. So bad that he has a brand new Canon Rebel XT on order and it should be waiting at the office for us on Monday.

Yeah, THAT bad! 🙂

Let’s see, what’s happened… We’ve been introduced to “real” fish and chips (not the heavily battered, greasy stuff we get at home, no, this lightly battered and crispy around the edges… perfection!) and taken day trips to the Rumataka Mountains, Paekakariki, Foxton, and Bulls. We’ve also been all over the city, we’ve met Wellington Flickr Group members and some of Jim’s extended family.

I’m now thoroughly convinced that there are no unfriendly kiwis. Thoroughly convinced. Everyone has been wonderfully welcoming and generous, even when we’ve had little cross-cultural misunderstandings (Never call it ‘pop’, you’ll get a blank stare. Instead, call it Coke.) everyone has been patient, if amused.

Tomorrow everyone here goes back to work and school, and Duane and I strike out on our own to tour the city. More pictures will undoubtedly ensue.

Cheers, mates!

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