The Man, Exposed

Originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

Photography is a numbers game. No matter what your level of so-called talent, if you take enough photos you will eventually have at least a few that are presentable, if not absolutely wonderful for one reason or another.

The Man has been outfitting his kit all summer and last weekend he got the final piece (for now!) – a Canon Speedlight 430EX. Tonight we sat down in our living room and messed around with camera settings and flash angles until the batteries were almost dead.

I wonder what the neighbors thought….

This is my favorite shot of the day. Our livingroom is darkish and we only had a small table lamp on. At one point I forgot that I’d turned off my flash and I hit the shutter release. Just before the shutter finally closed again he set off his flash purely by chance. The result, a great portrait – one of my favorites already – of my husband.

Some people say that you should leave nothing to chance. I believe that if you live this way you will be successful in many things, but you’ll also miss a lot of happy accidents.

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