Have You Hugged Your Glass Today?

Have You Hugged Your Glass Today?

Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

So I’ve got the whole portrait lighting thing down – though I don’t actually own the proper equipment yet – and I’m finding that my portrait challenge is posing.

Terry here isn’t so difficult. He is, if you’ll excuse the phrase, a camera whore. Like most photographers he’s always looking forward to the next gear purchase. UNlike most photographers he’s just as happy about doing his thing in front of the lens as he is behind it.

Easy pose option — “Terry, show me just how much you “love” your equipment!” *snap!* 🙂

But what if you need to pose someone that you don’t know? That’s something that I need to work out this week because I’ve got some student portraits coming up on the weekend. As usual I’ll be turning to Flickr for inspiration.

On a side note – I got tired of having a billion blogs on Blogger so I moved them all to this blog on WordPress. They make it really easy to suck posts and comments right off of your old blog, and the interface is INFINITELY more slick-looking (though Blogger still corners the market in great sidebar widgets and customizability – is that even a word?). So Passing Obsessions, Pakeha In Paradise, and Ubiquitous Lens Blog posts are all here now in this one, much more attractive spot.

Have a great week!

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