Katie Weller – original producer of stolent content

My apologies for the language, but this is pissing me off… Big time!

My first blog EVAR was on Blogger. It was called “Passing Obsessions” and I loved it very much. For various reasons I tried other blog services over the years but Blogger was my first and – because I returned to it late last year – my latest as well.

You never forget your first… especially when it comes back to bite you in the ass.

Several weeks ago in a fit of tinkering (I’m a tinkerer – it’s what I DO!) I moved The Ubiquitous Lens here to WordPress.com. I discovered that I liked it here. I liked it here very much. I had the ability to use better templates and customize them in ways that Blogger never even dreamed of letting me do. More than that, I discovered the ability to literally suck my content out of my Blogger account and into my new WordPress blog. Heaven!

While I was at it I decided to consolidate everything, so I sucked Passing Obsessions and Pakeha In Paradise into this blog as well. It’s such a giddy feeling – you just hit a button, confirm your choice, and ***SUCK!*** all of your prior content, comments, dates, and tags are sucked from Blogger into your lovely new WordPress blog. What could possibly be easier or more fun?

So I sucked out all of the content and then deleted my blogs from Blogger. Or so I thought.

Fast forward to last Thursday when I discover what appeared to be old feeds from PO in my RSS reader. For some reason – I’ll never know why – I clicked through. What did I find? I found my Passing Obsessions blog was alive after all and living the life of a spam blog, complete with EIGHT MONTHS WORTH OF MY ORIGINAL POSTS!!

It has been very difficult just finding a way to report the theft. I finally got something back from a Blogger bot this evening basically stating that my protest was all well and good, but that I had to familiarize myself with copyright law, summarize the problem as I saw it, list the individual blog posts that I alleged (!) were stolen – complete with dates and permalinks, give them my email (yes, the same email address that they sent this letter of requirement to!), swear on a stack of bibles that it’s use has not been authorized by me, my agent, or The Law, swear on another stack of bibles that I’m being truthful (WTF?!), then sign and fax or mail the signed document back to them.

What I want to know is, what hoops they made the asshole who stole my content jump through? My guess is, none.

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