I was just accepted as a contributing photographer at!

This is a huge step for me. Huge.

One tiny coffee shop show and a cousin’s wedding not withstanding, I’ve never really sold my work before. This … this is good.

As with any hobby (serious or casual) there are expenses. Obviously you want to add or upgrade equipment now and then. You also have to worry about books, association/club memberships, training, travel, etc. The beauty of creative hobbies – photography, quilting, painting, etc. – is that there is the potential to off-set those expenses by selling the product of your work.ย  I’m a good photographer – not an Adams or a Weegee by any means – but good.

I can do this.

I know that I’m not going to get rich, or even make a living, but if I could just afford that new Sigma telephoto….

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