Solitude (365 Day Challenge – Day 3)


Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

Day 3 of the 365 (+1) Day Challenge. This was taken on a dirt road in Barry County yesterday. I was out driving, enjoying the sun, oblivious to the fact that gas prices were going up 20¢ when I came across a road sign announcing a nature preserve at the next right turn.

I took it.

I’m so glad I did!

The Pierce Cedar Creek Biological Field Station is a beautiful facility. Not only do they have a number of nature trails to prowl, the building itself is a great place to hold a meeting or attend one of their classes and brunches. I’m not kidding. I immediately wished that I had a business meeting to book, just for an excuse to go back and lounge by the open fireplace!

Unfortunately I wasn’t dressed to hike in sub-freezing temps, not even in the sun. I could have easily rented a pair of snow shoes from them ($5 a day) and gotten lost in the Michigan outback with my camera. I’m definitely going back… and soon!*

Take an unexpected turn today. You’ll be glad you did.

(* The field station is open 9a-5p Monday through Friday and closed on most major holidays.)

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