Unresolved (SHOULD Have Been 365 Day Challenge – Day 4)

Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

Well, that didn’t last long. I resolved to take and post a new photo every day for 365 days and I’ve failed on Day 4. Stunning work, Kate.


I simply forgot. I did actually remember at about 11:50pm while I was deeply immersed in a hotly contested game of SCENE IT! 2 with The Debster. I quickly grabbed the camera and shot a closeup (w/ bokeh) of the game board with the TV screen in the distance.

Looking at it now in the full light of day, it’s possibly THE worst photo that I’ve taken in months. So bad that I’m not even going to let myself make a lame excuse and post it anyway.

That awful.

So here’s a shot from a July GRCC photowalk downtown. I was wicked busy at the time and never got back to process this set. Now’s the time.

Oh, and the SCENE IT! 2 turned out to be a great success. We’re so evenly matched knowledge-wise in the movie trivia area that the games are both fun AND very challenging. Each of us managed to win two, though just barely. Great fun!

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