A Major Technicality For Michigan Democrats

The first thing that I want to make clear is that I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican.

The second thing that I want to make clear is that I’m not declaring myself for either party in this blog post.

Are we clear? Ok, here’s the scoop…

IF you live in Michigan and IF you plan to participate in the Michigan Democratic Primary on Tuesday, January 15th and IF your candidate has elected (ha!) to remove his/her name from the ballot because the Michigan Democratic Party had their heads up their asses when they moved the Primary date forward against party rules, read this:

The 12 December 2007 Voter Guide published by the Democratic Party states: “A vote for “uncommitted” is a vote to send delegates to the Democratic National Convention who are not committed or pledged to any candidate. Those delegates can vote for any candidate they choose at the Convention. Supporters of Joe Biden, John Edwards, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson are urged to vote “uncommitted” instead of writing in their candidates’ names because write-in votes for those candidates will not be counted.

I’m not a big fan of the Electoral College method in the first place, but this is just plain ridiculous! How many voters will cast ballots for those excused candidates on Tuesday? And of those, how many votes will do it correctly so that their vote “counts”? And finally, what control do those voters who vote “uncommitted” on Tuesday have over their electorate?

None. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

This goes beyond party lines. This is just plain bad policy all around, and I hope to see the idiots who thought up this scheme pay (politically) in the next election.


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