Reprieve (365 Day Challenge – Day 9)

January 10, 2008

Shelf Life
Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

I was sitting at my desk this morning wondering why it was so hard to read my monitor. Turns out I’ve forgotten how bright SUNLIGHT is!

Yes, actual sunlight. In Michigan. In January.

I KNOW! I was shocked too!

So I bundled up and headed out to Aman Park in Standale for some back-to-nature photography and a good long walk in the sun.

I was surprised how much green there was. Granted, the snow has all melted in our little mini heat wave this week, but I thought everything would be dormant, brown, and dead-looking. Not so! First off, there was a great deal of moss. Everywhere. There was also a lot of more or less green grass, and the odd plant or two trying desperately to poke through the carpet of dead leaves and soak up some much-needed radiation.

It was all good. I’d probably still be out there now if I hadn’t split my pants crawling (literally) over a log that had fallen across Trail B. That’s a humbling experience, let me tell ya! And a drafty one…

I’m glad I got out of the house today. The National Weather Service is predicting… well, in a word, CRAP through next Wednesday.

Remember, the next time you see the sun, run for it!


  1. What is with you and the pants? EVERY TIME I come here I leave with a little pee in my pants…you are so funny. Sorry about the “incident” on Trail B…I don’t suppose you got pictures of that?

  2. Heck no!!!! There’s a reason I stay BEHIND the lens. 🙂

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