The Greats! (365 Day Challenge – Day 10)

The Greats!
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When my dad sold his house last year I kept a lot of the books that I owned as a kid along with lots of stuff that he and I inherited from various relatives along the way.

It was a dizzying mix of subjects, genres, and authors. For example, my Nana – the very proper New England Episcopal priest’s wife – was heavily into Agatha Christie and Ian Fleming! Am I the only person who finds that odd?

Anyway, I’ve only just started really going through them and adding them to my collection, but I’m finding some real gems. Most of the sci-fi stuff is mine from when I was a kid – NO idea where the Heinlein first edition came from!! – and there are a bunch of classics, some collected Shakespeare and Mark Twain, a few old photography books of mine from the 80’s and one that my grandfather owned back in the day, lots of history and mythology, a couple of books about England, some biographies, birding books, gardening books, old hymnals, you name it. Great stuff!

And even some Heinlein… 🙂

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