Lesson Learned (365 Day Challenge – Day 11)

Two Feet Away
Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

If you take your camera with you to dinner intending to take your 365 shot and accidentally leave the CF card on your desk at home, you will find yourself sitting on the couch late at night so desperate for a subject so that you can post and go to bed that you give up and shoot your feet.

Let this be a lesson to you!

There will be a quiz later.

2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned (365 Day Challenge – Day 11)

  1. Ha! I’ve not done THAT yet but I have missed good shots at home because of it. I’ll take a good picture and then the message “NO MEMORY CARD!” pops up. Frick.

  2. I never do that. Ever. I’ve always been SO good about replacing the card when I’m done… I think that right there is what freaked me out so much when it happened. 🙂

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