No Regrets

Red Access Point
Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

After the GR Flickr group bowling fest at Clique Lanes the other day we had to drag everything – camera AND bowling gear – back out to our snow-covered car. I was pretty happy with the photographic results of our meetup as well as my game scores and had packed everything away. When we finished cleaning the snow off of the car I tossed my scraper brush in and caught a flash of RED as I turned to get in.

This red.

I wasn’t looking for it. I wasn’t looking for ANY outside shots. It was a shitty, cold day and I just wanted to get back to my warm home and my waiting pork roast. (Thank God for slow cookers!)

But how can you turn away from that red and not regret the missed opportunity for the rest of your life? Such a moody, dark day and all of that red sulking in the doorway.

I just about froze digging around in the trunk for my camera, but I don’t regret it. Not even for one second.

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