Gritty Inspiration


Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

So I’ve given up on the 365 thing because at this time of year I can’t be bothered. It’s not that it’s a hassle, it’s just that I’m so UNinspired. In my home town “Winter” means that the world is various tones of grey, white, black, and dirty melting snow brown. And that’s just the sky!

I think I might try again in the Spring and see what it gets me. That way by the time I get to the Winter doldrums I’ll be so far in that I’ll be compelled NOT to give up because I’ve come (hopefully) so far.

Then I get days like yesterday when I was introduced to the machine that provided this shot and a few others. There was grease and muck everywhere – it’s long out of service – but the machine! The metal! The grit and decay! How could I NOT be inspired by these things?? I am, as the Flickr group name states, little more than a rust whore. I see rust, peeling paint, oxidization, decay and my first thought is not for my safety. No, my first thought is “Where is my camera?!?!

Now if I could just line up 365 days like THAT, the daily photo thing would be absolutely effortless…

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