Happiness Is…

Me And My Man
Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

Many, many years ago my mother passed away suddenly over Valentine’s Day weekend. I’ve actively ignored the holiday ever since. Yes, it’s been a long time, but the events of that week still cast a shadow on my life lo these many 17 or so years later. The shadow has faded some, but it’s still very real.

This year The Man and I are struggling with a lot of challenges – most of them byproducts of our combined layoff in October. I did and still do firmly believe that the change was for the better — I’ve never seen him so content with a job as he is with his new one, and I have been given the opportunity to be truly selective in my career choices going forward. I can be PROactive this time, instead of REactive as I was the last time my work situation changed. I can and will make better choices.  But the challenges remain.

Yep, we still have those pesky challenges, and they’re big ones. There’s been a lot of struggle and stress on our marriage over the last few months, and we’ve made it so far, but…

We needed a Valentine’s Day celebration this year.


So I woke him up this morning with a kiss, a box of chocolates, and a card that told him exactly how I feel about him, and tonight he’s taking me for dinner and a movie.

To hell with the bills.

To hell with the terrible question mark hanging over our future.

I’ve got him and he’s got me.

All is right with the world.

5 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

  1. You guys are going to be fine. Everything works out in the end. And having each other is worth more than any things you can buy with that money. 🙂
    I hate to hear about your boots though. Your feet are going to be awful cold if you go to Baldwin barefoot. ;o)

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