Fashion For The Not-So-Frigid

Bootie Call
Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

So I showed up at the Baldwin sled dog races in a sweater, jeans, a Columbia jacket, and my tennis shoes. It was February 13th and the temperature was a balmy 3°F in the North woods.

Alaine’s mom was shocked and appalled that I intended to go out and enjoy myself in city clothes. She obviously knew better than I did – I was blissfully oblivious to the inadequacy of my dress. So before I was allowed out of the trailer she saw to it that I had a warm pair of overall snow pants and an old pair of her Columbia boots to keep me warm. I’ve never been warmer.

I know now that people who hate winter because of the cold simply aren’t dressing right. Honestly. I see people huddled against the cold now and when I look closer I realize that they’re wearing a thin “coat” that is often flapping open and tennis shoes or little non-thermal “boots” that are so small and thin that they’re packed with snow and ice the minute they walk out the door. All of this in the name of “fashion”.

Know what I say? To Hell with fashion! Get yourself a proper coat and boots. You’ll be a happier, warmer person and winter will be just that little bit more bearable.

Now, if I just had a solution for potholes….

2 thoughts on “Fashion For The Not-So-Frigid

  1. I like your warm boots 🙂
    Potholes…yuck…been on 44th between Clyde Park & Burlingame lately? It’s like one giant pothole. I think we could fill them in with those shoes that you see on the road…grind them up and bind them with some kind of glue. Those shoes probably fall off people who aren’t dressed properly for the weather anyway. 🙂

  2. Sounds like Burton between Clyde Park and Division. I described it to a friend the other day as “a cheeze grater for your tires” and I wasn’t really exaggerating. GAH!

    I don’t see many shoes. I do, however, see pieces of cars. (A muffler the other day, a spare tire tonight…) That’s kind of disturbing.

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