Number One, With A Bullet

Fish Bait
Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

Ok, ok, I don’t know about “#1” – I have no evidence as yet – but my über-talented friend Deb says that this bad boy made the front page of Flickr’s Explore section today!!

For those of you not familiar with the subtle and not-so-subtle nuances of Flickr, it’s a very high honor to make the Explore list because it means that a lot of people have commented on and favorited your photo, and that a lot more people are going to see it now that it’s being displayed as the cream of the crop for that day. (They calculate this using something that they call Interestingness.) Only a small number of photos per day make it to explore, and of those only a few make the front page.

This is truly an honor. I don’t take photos with the intent of making it to Explore, I take them because they please me. Making Explore is the icing on the cake of my life. Today I hit the jackpot of cake icing. 🙂

Happy March!


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