I Have Miles To Go Before I…

I Have Miles To Go Before I…
Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

The Man works at home now and I take the car every day, so he rarely gets out. The poor guy only has me for human company, if anyone, and now I’m gone for 40+ hours a week again too. So when I saw the glorious weather we were having on Sunday I made him shower and put on clothes instead of PJs (just kidding… mostly) and we went down to the Ken-O-Sha park for a sort of mini photowalk.

I loved this shot of the path until I got home and realized how very dull it was color-wise. The problem is not that it’s Spring, or even that it’s Spring in Michigan, the problem is that it’s early Spring, so there’s not a lot of green yet and on the trail there are zero new leaves and flowers. Even the plants that are budding are still so tiny that they don’t count.

What to do?

I really like this composition, so I fiddled with it in Lightroom 2 Beta, converting it to grayscale and then tweaking the underlying hues until I had an image that I was happy with… and I’m VERY happy with this.

Lightroom 2 Beta is very exciting. There are some things that will take a while to sink in (like how they moved the Crop tool in the Develop Module to the right panel and I’m still looking for it in the bottom left tray EVERY TIME). There are other things – little, seemingly insignificant things – that blow me away. For example, now when you flag a photo as ‘rejected’ the image thumbnails in the navigation tray and in the Library module are faded so it’s easy to ignore them.

Oh! And the Smart Collections! Oh how I LOVE Smart Collections! Don’t get me started! 🙂

I am a licensed LR user and I have a small number of LR 2 Beta licenses to hand out. These licenses are good until August, 2008 (vs. the 30 days you get if you just download the trial without getting an invite from a licensed user). If you want to try Lightroom 2 Beta please email me directly at the address on my About page and I’ll see what I can do to hook you up.

As always, this offer is first-come-first-served.

And once you’re done sending me an email get out there with your camera and your family and enjoy the Spring!


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