Reading IS Fundamental

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I don’t remember grade school very well these days, and what I do remember is mostly good (mostly recess). One thing I do remember is how excited I would get when the R.I.F. truck came to the school.

R.I.F. stands for:


Going to the R.I.F. truck was always fun! The truck would pull up in front of the school and park there for part of the day, and class by class we would file out of the building and into the truck.

Inside the truck was shelf upon shelf of kid’s books for all ages and reading levels. We were given time to flick through the shelves and pick out one story book to take with us – FREE! I don’t remember in my old age which books I got from R.I.F. but I do know that I always took a book and I always read it.

R.I.F. was one of those foundation builders in my life. Along with my grandmothers and my parents they encouraged me to flex my reading muscles at an early age and helped me become the avid reader that I am as an adult.

It turns out that R.I.F. has been around longer than I have (1966!) and they’re still going strong today. In fact, they’ve taken their literacy program to a new level. Every year they provide 4.5 million children with 16 million free books and literacy resources.

If you think that reading really IS fundamental, I encourage you to donate money, books, or time to R.I.F. and help today’s children become tomorrow’s readers.



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