Spray, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

Thank God It’s Thursday, that is.

I have Thursdays off now and I’m really enjoying it. I’m finding that I like tooling around doing my thing during the day when everyone else is at work. The neighborhood is quiet, the touristy places around town are quiet, the parks are quiet, and the stores are quiet. It’s all good.

After purchasing a new metal-tined rake (and then discovering upon my return home that I already replaced my broken metal rake last season) I headed back over to Aman Park to take an “after” photo of the bush with the bright buds pictured HERE. Then I topped off my day by going to see the sneak-peek of IRON MAN with The Man and three of our geekiest friends. You know who you are.

The movie was wonderful and it instantly became one of my favorite super hero movies.

I was a bit weirded out when I first heard last year that Robert Downey Jr. would be playing the lead role as Tony Stark / Iron Man but I should have known better. He’s an excellent actor working with an excellent script and a good director and the result is well worth the $8.50 to see on the big screen (unlike, say, the last X-MEN movie).

If super hero movies are your thing then definitely make the effort to see this in the theater.



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