R.I.P. Four Friends

Sit With Me…, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

I finally made it to a GR Flickr meetup again last night… my first in weeks, if not months. It was excellent and awesome seeing everyone, even though the main reason for the meetup was to get our last coffee at Four Friends Coffee Shop.

Four Friends has always been “that place” for the GR Flickrs. It’s where we meet before/during/after ANY and EVERY downtown photowalk, GR Marathon shoots, Blues On The Mall…

It was cool without being exclusive, beautiful without being perfect, displayed and sold some great local art, served some of the best coffee in the greater metropolitan area, and most importantly it was the only coffee shop where I could get a stroopwafel with my double mocha.

You can’t buy perfection like that. It just… IS.

R.I.P. Four Friends. Others will imitate you, but they will never replace you.

[ cue: mournful dirge music ]

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