Updating The Apparatus

The Ubiquitous Lens just got an upgrade! Here’s a shot of my new 50D in action.

50D In Da Haus!

There’s been something of a learning curve, but for the most part I’ve been able to figure things out on-the-fly by just testing the most logical buttons or settings at random.

Yes, Jim, I will read the manual, but I’m not done playing yet! 🙂

Things I love:

  • The larger screen is magnificent!
  • Auto-ISO (where have you been all my life?!)
  • Burst mode of 6.3fps up to 16 in RAW or 90 in JPG mode.

Things I less-than-love:

  • It’s larger and slightly heavier, and I have small hands.
  • The status display is on the top.
  • Pardon my French but… BIG ASS FILES! (Drobo time!)

Things I’m looking forward to fiddling with:

  • Face detection.
  • Live mode.
  • “Creative” Auto mode.
  • ISO 12,800 (Not necessarily something I’ll use, but at least now I have the option!)

Photos to follow….


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