Quality Of Life

Quality Of Life, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

Some of the Flickr chicks and I got out on Sunday and went to the gardens for a girls-only photowalk. FUN!! I wish it hadn’t been quite so cold… we would have liked to walk around the sculpture park outside. And there was a kind of annoying wedding party that took over the conservatory and wouldn’t let anyone walk around and ruin their photos. Oy. I consoled myself with the thought that if I were the photographer I’d have done the same thing… or tried to pick spots where people couldn’t walk behind the wedding party and ruin the photo. I like to think it would be more of the latter. I’m generally a non-intrusive type.

So I’m turning four decades today and I’m happy to say that Life is good right now. Yeah, the economy sucks big-time and God only knows what’s going to happen with the auto industry (and as my Mom would say, He’s probably just guessing!) but The Man and I are doing good. Not spectacular, and not bad at all, just good. Paying the bills, enjoying life in our spare time, working out on a semi-regular basis, and generally making the most of a relatively humble existence.

Life isn’t easy — it’s never easy — but it’s not bad!

I’ve taken a look around this week – taken stock of my existence – and I have to say that 40 isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it’s not bad at all!

4 thoughts on “Quality Of Life

  1. WHAT??? I Missed your birthday??? Happy belated birthday! Cripes Katie…I woulda bought your coffee!
    Hey! I talked to my mom and there are three races at Lost Lake in Farwell, Michigan. I’m probably going to go to the one in January…I think the 3rd weekend . Let me know if you want to go 🙂 My mom says it’s not much further than Baldwin. I told her you bought boots LAST year in anticipation for THIS year.

  2. LOL! Calm down, calm down. It’s a milestone birthday and I wasn’t exactly in the mood to advertise the fact that it was happening this week. Just don’t bring me a batch of your special buckeyes, ok? 🙂

    Thanks for the info on the races! YES, I’d like to go, please keep me posted. We’re going to Florida in Jan or Feb but I don’t know which week I’m going to be able to get off yet. Hopefully it won’t be a race week. 🙂

  3. here are the dates 🙂 January 17-18, February 21-22 and March 7-8 (that could be cancelled because it may be too warm – of course that could happen at any of them – this IS michigan). It sounds as if my mom & Ted are planning to do the January one for sure so that’s why I’m planning on that one. I’m so excited! woooohooooo
    Hey! those buckeyes are GOOD! I should have brought you some. Peanutbuttery/chocolate goodness.

  4. Hey, thanks! I’ll plan on the January one so we can pal around with the cameras again. Hopefully we have the same brilliant weather that we had last year!

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