links for 2010-01-29

  • I'm so in this same mindset right now! I got a gift card for $10 a couple of weeks ago and on the spur of the moment bought an inexpensive Granite Ware oval roaster because I've always wanted to try roasting a chicken. Did you get that? "TRY" roasting a chicken. Like it's some Olympic feat or something. Honestly, nothing could be further from the truth! I got home with the roaster and a whole chicken and cracked open my Julia's Kitchen Wisdom cookbook that I got for Christmas, dreading the task at hand. Julia's recipe? Well, pretty much exactly what Mike says here. It's so simple I'm embarrassed that I didn't try it 20 years ago. Seriously! And the leftovers were chopped up and sprinkled over our lunch salads for the next two days. DIRT EASY! Seriously, try it!
  • Oh my gosh. I'm totally in love with the cast iron skillet that I bought last fall and this just makes me love it more! Once the skillet is properly seasoned it becomes a work horse, and there are several things that can be made in it with a perfection that can not be replicated. Hash browns never came out quite right in my non-stick or in my stainless skillet. Nothing, I repeat, nothing browns as well as cast iron. You should try it.

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