PowerBookTrance (365 Day Challenge – Day 7)

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So this one time back in the day The Man and I went to a GRAMUG meeting and there was this guy there who was so like, FULL OF ENERGY and he was there to talk about iChat and chatting software and I was like, totally blown away by the stuff he demonstrated with iChat but I totally didn’t get a chance to tell him at the meeting so I like stalked him and chatted him afterward and I was like “WOW, man, you blew me away with your Chat Wisdom!” and he was like “Ooo! A FAN!” and we’ve been good friends ever since.

Observe the awesome photo skilz of PowerBookTrance HERE.

Plagiarism (365 Day Challenge – Day 6)

Final Rest
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“Originality is the art of concealing your sources.” ~ Ben Franklin

I just checked the Flickr EXPLORE page and it told me that there were 2,504 photos uploaded to Flickr in the last minute! Wow. I mean, I knew there were a lot, but that’s a LOT.

With so many pics floating around it’s hard to be truly original unless you have a world-class studio and some mad skilz with Photoshop. (And perhaps a bottle or two of Absinthe at your disposal.) Even then, it’s a struggle.

When you’re trying to come up with a photo-a-day for 366 days and your life is busy (or you’re just a slacker like me) it can be darn near impossible.

We are all constantly absorbing what we see around us – both in the world and on Flickr – yes, Virginia, there is a world outside of Flickr – so it comes as no surprise when similarities crop up. The effect is even more apparent when Flickrs flock for a meetup. There are only so many individual angles for an enthusiastic group of 10 photographers to shoot of, say, the local farmer’s market. The effect is the same, though somewhat more diluted, when we all subscribe to the same Flickr groups.

Frankly, today’s photo wouldn’t exist if my friend Mike hadn’t gone out this morning and shot the incredible fog in his own local cemetery, and then posted it to the 365 Day Challenge group. (LINK) I saw it, I admired it, and a little while later I wandered off to read a book. When dinner time came and I had to run to the store, I realized that I hadn’t taken my POTD #6 yet so I tossed the camera into the car (gently!) and took off, racking my brain trying to think of a subject. Then I remembered Mike’s photos and realized that the West section of Woodlawn Cemetery would make a perfect subject as it’s in a small hollow — fog would naturally collect there. BINGO!

So thanks, Mike! I owe you one. 🙂

MAN DAY (365 Day Challenge – Day 5)

Tickling The Plastics
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Every so often The Man and his best friend get together for “Man Day”.

Man Day consists of a meal or two, shopping at their favorite music stores (think Guitar Center not Virgin Records), and jammin’ a bit on the keyboards. Women are not allowed, so I usually get lost with Mrs. Best Friend but today she was busy and I had nothing to do.

The boys — er, MEN — were very generous, allowing me to go with them to brunch and dinner, and do a little shopping.

Thanks, guys. You both rock the house! 🙂

Unresolved (SHOULD Have Been 365 Day Challenge – Day 4)

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Well, that didn’t last long. I resolved to take and post a new photo every day for 365 days and I’ve failed on Day 4. Stunning work, Kate.


I simply forgot. I did actually remember at about 11:50pm while I was deeply immersed in a hotly contested game of SCENE IT! 2 with The Debster. I quickly grabbed the camera and shot a closeup (w/ bokeh) of the game board with the TV screen in the distance.

Looking at it now in the full light of day, it’s possibly THE worst photo that I’ve taken in months. So bad that I’m not even going to let myself make a lame excuse and post it anyway.

That awful.

So here’s a shot from a July GRCC photowalk downtown. I was wicked busy at the time and never got back to process this set. Now’s the time.

Oh, and the SCENE IT! 2 turned out to be a great success. We’re so evenly matched knowledge-wise in the movie trivia area that the games are both fun AND very challenging. Each of us managed to win two, though just barely. Great fun!

Solitude (365 Day Challenge – Day 3)


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Day 3 of the 365 (+1) Day Challenge. This was taken on a dirt road in Barry County yesterday. I was out driving, enjoying the sun, oblivious to the fact that gas prices were going up 20¢ when I came across a road sign announcing a nature preserve at the next right turn.

I took it.

I’m so glad I did!

The Pierce Cedar Creek Biological Field Station is a beautiful facility. Not only do they have a number of nature trails to prowl, the building itself is a great place to hold a meeting or attend one of their classes and brunches. I’m not kidding. I immediately wished that I had a business meeting to book, just for an excuse to go back and lounge by the open fireplace!

Unfortunately I wasn’t dressed to hike in sub-freezing temps, not even in the sun. I could have easily rented a pair of snow shoes from them ($5 a day) and gotten lost in the Michigan outback with my camera. I’m definitely going back… and soon!*

Take an unexpected turn today. You’ll be glad you did.

(* The field station is open 9a-5p Monday through Friday and closed on most major holidays.)

365 Day Challenge – Day 2

Stating The Obvious

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It occurred to me as I was uploading today’s image that this 365 challenge is going to mean that I can sweep the 2008 Day-to-Day group when it starts. Woohoo! (Just kidding, boss!) 🙂

Anyway, yes, I firmly believe that reading IS sexy. I’m currently winding my way through James Lipton’s “Inside Inside” and picking up David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” whenever I have some spare time. (Irony! It’s what’s for dinner.)

Leave a comment and let me know what you’re reading these days…