Like a caterpillar turing into a butteryfly, became last week.  While I will miss the funky URL because I put so much time and effort into learning how to type it properly, I’m generally very happy with the improvements and the new look.


The thing that I love the most is the extended notes field. Obviously I use Del.ici… er… Delicious all the time for slapping quick links up on the blog. I’ve always been a bit handicapped by the short notes field parameters. Let’s just say that sometimes I have difficulty expressing myself in 120 characters or less. (Hush, you.) I am now “limited” to 1,000 characters. Woohoo! I may actually be able to blog properly again just using the Delicous blog roll function. (A function that, it should be said, looks nicer now, but is still just as archaic and user-unfriendly to set up. Are you listening, Yahoo!?) The Delicious Firefox add-on still limits users to 255 characters but according to the Delicious Support Forum they are working on a fix. Happy news!

Other niceties include cleaner organization, faster search, tag sorting, bookmark history (see what other Delicious users said about your links), private nicknames (so that “stblogr351” shows up on your Network list as “Joe”), and a contextual ‘action box’ that gives you a shortcut to a few of the more popular actions for each type of Delicious page. (For a full list of updates, click here.)

Great work, Yahoo! And you did it without Micro$oft’s “help”. All I can say is: Yahoo! 🙂

UPDATE: I forgot to add a link to the blog post regarding the change. Even if you don’t want to read the post, they have a great little video of how the site transformed from to Fun stuff!

Did you feel it??

Moving Traffic

So I have this cough. It started up over the weekend and finally got so annoying that I saw the doctor yesterday and she gave me meds for it. Still, I couldn’t sleep tonight. Every time I’d relax I’d start coughing again. GAH! So I ended up pulling an all-nighter. Hopefully that won’t cause me problems at work today.

Anyway, I’m sitting here at 5:30am or so chatting with friends in all parts of the globe when my desk began to sway gently from side to side like I was sitting at it in a passenger car on an Amtrak train. At about the same moment I heard a movement behind me, and when I looked at the other wall my great grandmother’s picture was hanging cock-eyed. No trains going by, no trucks passing, not so much as an airplane going overhead.

Turns out it was a bonafide earthquake!

Midwest Quake Felt In Grand Rapids

5.4 Earthquake Rocks Illinois; Felt 350 Miles Away

Funny how I so expected to experience my first one in New Zealand (one of the hottest earthquake zones in the world) last year and nothing happened the whole two weeks, then I come back here and BOOM! Earthquake in Grand Rapids.

Who’d a thunk it? 🙂

Fashion For The Not-So-Frigid

Bootie Call
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So I showed up at the Baldwin sled dog races in a sweater, jeans, a Columbia jacket, and my tennis shoes. It was February 13th and the temperature was a balmy 3°F in the North woods.

Alaine’s mom was shocked and appalled that I intended to go out and enjoy myself in city clothes. She obviously knew better than I did – I was blissfully oblivious to the inadequacy of my dress. So before I was allowed out of the trailer she saw to it that I had a warm pair of overall snow pants and an old pair of her Columbia boots to keep me warm. I’ve never been warmer.

I know now that people who hate winter because of the cold simply aren’t dressing right. Honestly. I see people huddled against the cold now and when I look closer I realize that they’re wearing a thin “coat” that is often flapping open and tennis shoes or little non-thermal “boots” that are so small and thin that they’re packed with snow and ice the minute they walk out the door. All of this in the name of “fashion”.

Know what I say? To Hell with fashion! Get yourself a proper coat and boots. You’ll be a happier, warmer person and winter will be just that little bit more bearable.

Now, if I just had a solution for potholes….

Celebrity Status

Celebrity Status
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Men want me, women want to BE me! ~Austin Powers (paraphrased)

I love going to the movies. Love.

On April 20, 2007 as I stood in line for tickets to “Hot Fuzz” I found out about an as-yet unknown “elite” group of Celebration Cinema movie club members. “Celebrities” got even better rewards for their patronage than I did.

I had a new goal.

700+ points later – I only needed 500 but I wanted to make sure, right? – I am now a Celebration Cinema Celebrity with all that the position entails. Pretty freakin’ cool!

I love it when a plan comes together.