Labor Day Food Fest

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My upcoming holiday weekend is shaping up to be all about food.

This is not a bad thing.

Miss Mary has been too overwhelmed by Life this year to put up some sweet corn for winter, so Saturday morning will see me standing at the back of Farmer Post’s truck purchasing many, many ears of corn to cut and freeze for her. (I’ve been working on my own stash slow and steady for about a month, and will have plenty to get The Man and I through a sub-zero February.) Thankfully the weather is supposed to be perfect for puttin’ up – 68°F with a breeze – so that should be a fairly simple, if time consuming task for Saturday.

The other food goal this weekend is ribs. I haven’t done them this year. Not once. I think there’s a law – not sure if it’s state or Federal – that if you have the skills and equipment you are required to BBQ a slab or ribs or two at some point between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I’m going to squeak in just under the wire with a slab, some of that Farmer Post corn, and some jacket potatoes on Monday afternoon.

I promise to post photos if I can manage to put down the fork long enough to grab a camera.

If you’ve ever had home cooked ribs, you know that’s going to be a challenge…

The Insomniator

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I met Steve, Katie, Matt, and Terry for a photo walk downtown tonight. We all decided to “slum it” and we shot (almost) exclusively with little disposable film cameras. What fun! More on that when my photos come back… assuming that they’re not all complete crap. 🙂

THIS photo is NOT complete crap. This is my favorite shot of the day. Unfortunately I couldn’t resist the temptation and I ended up getting coffee. Not my brightest idea ever.

I’ve been sleeping very well since I started working second shift – getting up at 9 or 10am is truly a good thing! – but over the past week or so it’s just been one thing or another. A few nights ago I was reading in bed and fell asleep in an awkward position, waking up several hours later with an ache that went all the way from my head to my toes. Yesterday I had trouble sleeping because I had a large bottle of Coke at 7pm. Today? A double mocha at 10pm. I’m definitely not sleeping tonight! And then tomorrow night I get home from work at 10:30pm and I have to be at my station for the River Bank Run at SIX THIRTY IN THE MORNING! The really sad thing is that I volunteered to do that to myself! Hee hee! What an idiot. 🙂

I wish you deep sleep and pleasant dreams…

Classic Kiwi Lunch

Classic Kiwi Lunch
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Mmmmmm… meat pies! They’re everywhere in Wellington. There are literally whole shops devoted to their creation and sale. From your basic steak and onion to something fancy like this pork and kumara they are all good. Meat pies are the reason that I did all of that walking and still weigh what I did when we left. Well, meat pies, Jaffas, and ice cream, that is…

Fizzy Lifting Drinks

Fizzy Lifting Drinks
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I know that I’ve sort of abandoned the blog. That’s no ones fault by my own. By the middle of our trip I realized that I was spending far too much time messing about with my photos and not enough time relaxing, and that’s bad. So I put the photos and the blog on hold. But now we’re back and I have time… finally! Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled travel blog…..

One of the [many, many] things that I love about New Zealand is their choice of beverage. Everywhere we went Coke was on the menu. I think we saw a few Pepsi bottles once and by then it shocked us a bit. We hadn’t seen Pepsi in days by then and the blue bottles stuck out like a sore thumb.

This explains why, when the stewardess on the Air New Zealand plane that took us from Sydney to Wellington asked what I wanted to drink and I said “Pop, please!” she gave me the blankest look that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s “Coke.” That’s all. That’s what you ask for. “Coke” means “pop” because its often the only cola on the menu, and that’s true almost everywhere.

I couldn’t be happier! I had litres of it while I was there, and got lots of photos of my favorite beverage in bottles, in glasses, and on signs.



Wellington From The Air
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Just for the record, when you look at a 30 hour non-stop travel itinerary and think “Oh that’s no big deal! We’ll just sleep on the plane…” Yeah. Not gonna happen, ok? Not unless you fork out for one of those über-expensive Premier First-Class pod seats. Even then, I have my doubts!

So yes, after about 30 hours of travel (and MAYBE 2 hours of sleep each… maybe) we’ve finally made it to Wellington, New Zealand. Jim was there to meet us and demonstrated all the patience of a saint when he had to wait almost an hour between our landing and our appearance. You see, our one checked bag didn’t make it. Yeah. Among the missing are my lovely new tripod, my camera bag (though none of my gear, thank God!), our electrical outlet adapters… oh, and all of our toiletries. ALL of our toiletries.

It’s all very sad.

But we’re here, we’ve slept bunches, we’ve had our first bowl of Hokey Pokey ice cream which I can already tell I’m going to miss when I’m gone, and even seen a bit of the town already.

I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble we get into today!!!


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Mmmm, comfort food. For as long as I can remember my mother and my paternal grandmother took the extra trimmed pieces of pie crust dough and made crackers from them.

Me? I don’t fuss about shape or size, I just trim the extra dough off of the outer edges of the pie (or quiche, in this case), roll the strips out thin, cut them into roughly manageable sizes, sprinkle them with salt or a cinnamon/sugar mixture, and bake them for a few minutes at 350F.

I love these homemade crackers so much, and Duane has developed a taste for them also. It’s gotten to the point that I deliberately make a little more dough than my recipe calls for just to guarantee that we’ll have crackers to share while the pie bakes.

So use the Comments section and tell me what one of your favorite comfort foods is…