Plagiarism (365 Day Challenge – Day 6)

Final Rest
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“Originality is the art of concealing your sources.” ~ Ben Franklin

I just checked the Flickr EXPLORE page and it told me that there were 2,504 photos uploaded to Flickr in the last minute! Wow. I mean, I knew there were a lot, but that’s a LOT.

With so many pics floating around it’s hard to be truly original unless you have a world-class studio and some mad skilz with Photoshop. (And perhaps a bottle or two of Absinthe at your disposal.) Even then, it’s a struggle.

When you’re trying to come up with a photo-a-day for 366 days and your life is busy (or you’re just a slacker like me) it can be darn near impossible.

We are all constantly absorbing what we see around us – both in the world and on Flickr – yes, Virginia, there is a world outside of Flickr – so it comes as no surprise when similarities crop up. The effect is even more apparent when Flickrs flock for a meetup. There are only so many individual angles for an enthusiastic group of 10 photographers to shoot of, say, the local farmer’s market. The effect is the same, though somewhat more diluted, when we all subscribe to the same Flickr groups.

Frankly, today’s photo wouldn’t exist if my friend Mike hadn’t gone out this morning and shot the incredible fog in his own local cemetery, and then posted it to the 365 Day Challenge group. (LINK) I saw it, I admired it, and a little while later I wandered off to read a book. When dinner time came and I had to run to the store, I realized that I hadn’t taken my POTD #6 yet so I tossed the camera into the car (gently!) and took off, racking my brain trying to think of a subject. Then I remembered Mike’s photos and realized that the West section of Woodlawn Cemetery would make a perfect subject as it’s in a small hollow — fog would naturally collect there. BINGO!

So thanks, Mike! I owe you one. πŸ™‚

MAN DAY (365 Day Challenge – Day 5)

Tickling The Plastics
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Every so often The Man and his best friend get together for “Man Day”.

Man Day consists of a meal or two, shopping at their favorite music stores (think Guitar Center not Virgin Records), and jammin’ a bit on the keyboards. Women are not allowed, so I usually get lost with Mrs. Best Friend but today she was busy and I had nothing to do.

The boys — er, MEN — were very generous, allowing me to go with them to brunch and dinner, and do a little shopping.

Thanks, guys. You both rock the house! πŸ™‚

Unresolved (SHOULD Have Been 365 Day Challenge – Day 4)

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Well, that didn’t last long. I resolved to take and post a new photo every day for 365 days and I’ve failed on Day 4. Stunning work, Kate.


I simply forgot. I did actually remember at about 11:50pm while I was deeply immersed in a hotly contested game of SCENE IT! 2 with The Debster. I quickly grabbed the camera and shot a closeup (w/ bokeh) of the game board with the TV screen in the distance.

Looking at it now in the full light of day, it’s possibly THE worst photo that I’ve taken in months. So bad that I’m not even going to let myself make a lame excuse and post it anyway.

That awful.

So here’s a shot from a July GRCC photowalk downtown. I was wicked busy at the time and never got back to process this set. Now’s the time.

Oh, and the SCENE IT! 2 turned out to be a great success. We’re so evenly matched knowledge-wise in the movie trivia area that the games are both fun AND very challenging. Each of us managed to win two, though just barely. Great fun!

Have You Hugged Your Glass Today?

Have You Hugged Your Glass Today?

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So I’ve got the whole portrait lighting thing down – though I don’t actually own the proper equipment yet – and I’m finding that my portrait challenge is posing.

Terry here isn’t so difficult. He is, if you’ll excuse the phrase, a camera whore. Like most photographers he’s always looking forward to the next gear purchase. UNlike most photographers he’s just as happy about doing his thing in front of the lens as he is behind it.

Easy pose option — “Terry, show me just how much you “love” your equipment!” *snap!* πŸ™‚

But what if you need to pose someone that you don’t know? That’s something that I need to work out this week because I’ve got some student portraits coming up on the weekend. As usual I’ll be turning to Flickr for inspiration.

On a side note – I got tired of having a billion blogs on Blogger so I moved them all to this blog on WordPress. They make it really easy to suck posts and comments right off of your old blog, and the interface is INFINITELY more slick-looking (though Blogger still corners the market in great sidebar widgets and customizability – is that even a word?). So Passing Obsessions, Pakeha In Paradise, and Ubiquitous Lens Blog posts are all here now in this one, much more attractive spot.

Have a great week!

He’s Entitled!

Hang around my photo stream long enough and you’ll notice a core group of people that I’m always interacting with in the comments. I like to refer to them collectively as The Flickr Peeps. Sure, we all share a love of photography, that’s obvious, but most of us have a pretty twisted sense of humor as well.

Of our group my buddy Jim (a.k.a. A Different Perspective) has probably got THE most well-devloped knack for funny photo titles. I was very happy to learn today that he’s been recognized for his often hilarious titles by the administrators of the Entitled photo group.

Congratulations, Jim! It couldn’t have happened to a funnier guy. (And I mean that in the nicest way!!) πŸ™‚

Link: Spotlighting A Different Perspective!

Dog Days Of Summer – Saturday Afternoons

Trivial Pursuits

Deb came over on Saturday and we spent the most wonderful day together. We started by watching a few episodes of Life On Mars (I’m trying to get her hooked. It worked!), then went out for a lovely lunch. On the way home we stopped at a local import shop where she laid out some $ for a jar of Nutella. I’m just not brave enough to try it… Then home for an afternoon of Trivial Pursuit 90’s Edition accompanied by a pitcher of the perfect homemade lemonade. Dinner was take out from THE best Chinese restaurant in town (that’d be First Wok!) and a DVD, after which we called it an evening and Deb went home.

Good times. Good times. πŸ™‚