Karma Is A Harsh Mistress!

Karma just bitch-slapped me by bricking my iPhone.

(For my Luddite friends, “bricking” refers to any phone or other electronic device that experiences complete software failure and will no longer even power up, thus transforming instantly from a pacifier for the technologically co-dependent – me, for example –to, you guessed it, a lifeless electronic brick.)

I am at fault for the failure because last night when I downloaded the PDF race map for the Grand Rapids Marathon (which I got up at FOUR IN THE MORNING to photograph – aren’t you proud?) I quite literally considered printing a physical copy but allowed myself the following curse-infused thought:

Naah, I’ll be fine, I have the electronic version on my iPhone. What could go wrong?

Ba-da-BING!  Ba-da-BOOM!

(DISBLAMER: No, I did not drop, throw, thump, bang, dunk, or even so much as yell at my phone.  It just randomly went tets up on me.  Stupid Karma.)

Air Tube

Air Tube, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

I shot this at the Senior Smiles crew get-together at The Winchester on Monday night, when we gathered to celebrate a successful first year.

The aim of the SS project was to provide 200 Grand Rapids city school seniors with senior portraits for their yearbooks as well as a nice package of prints for friends and family. This project was specifically tailored for students whose families could not afford to spend the average $200+ for a set of photos commemorating the students achievements. For many of these kids it’s been an uphill battle to stay on the straight and narrow and stay in school through graduation.

All of the kids were all a pleasure to work with, and despite the need to rush to make the November deadline I think we all had fun and learned a great deal. I was honored to be a part of the crew, and I can’t wait to start on next years sittings.

R.I.P. Four Friends

Sit With Me…, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

I finally made it to a GR Flickr meetup again last night… my first in weeks, if not months. It was excellent and awesome seeing everyone, even though the main reason for the meetup was to get our last coffee at Four Friends Coffee Shop.

Four Friends has always been “that place” for the GR Flickrs. It’s where we meet before/during/after ANY and EVERY downtown photowalk, GR Marathon shoots, Blues On The Mall…

It was cool without being exclusive, beautiful without being perfect, displayed and sold some great local art, served some of the best coffee in the greater metropolitan area, and most importantly it was the only coffee shop where I could get a stroopwafel with my double mocha.

You can’t buy perfection like that. It just… IS.

R.I.P. Four Friends. Others will imitate you, but they will never replace you.

[ cue: mournful dirge music ]

The Insomniator

Dream Machine, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

I met Steve, Katie, Matt, and Terry for a photo walk downtown tonight. We all decided to “slum it” and we shot (almost) exclusively with little disposable film cameras. What fun! More on that when my photos come back… assuming that they’re not all complete crap. 🙂

THIS photo is NOT complete crap. This is my favorite shot of the day. Unfortunately I couldn’t resist the temptation and I ended up getting coffee. Not my brightest idea ever.

I’ve been sleeping very well since I started working second shift – getting up at 9 or 10am is truly a good thing! – but over the past week or so it’s just been one thing or another. A few nights ago I was reading in bed and fell asleep in an awkward position, waking up several hours later with an ache that went all the way from my head to my toes. Yesterday I had trouble sleeping because I had a large bottle of Coke at 7pm. Today? A double mocha at 10pm. I’m definitely not sleeping tonight! And then tomorrow night I get home from work at 10:30pm and I have to be at my station for the River Bank Run at SIX THIRTY IN THE MORNING! The really sad thing is that I volunteered to do that to myself! Hee hee! What an idiot. 🙂

I wish you deep sleep and pleasant dreams…


Spray, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

Thank God It’s Thursday, that is.

I have Thursdays off now and I’m really enjoying it. I’m finding that I like tooling around doing my thing during the day when everyone else is at work. The neighborhood is quiet, the touristy places around town are quiet, the parks are quiet, and the stores are quiet. It’s all good.

After purchasing a new metal-tined rake (and then discovering upon my return home that I already replaced my broken metal rake last season) I headed back over to Aman Park to take an “after” photo of the bush with the bright buds pictured HERE. Then I topped off my day by going to see the sneak-peek of IRON MAN with The Man and three of our geekiest friends. You know who you are.

The movie was wonderful and it instantly became one of my favorite super hero movies.

I was a bit weirded out when I first heard last year that Robert Downey Jr. would be playing the lead role as Tony Stark / Iron Man but I should have known better. He’s an excellent actor working with an excellent script and a good director and the result is well worth the $8.50 to see on the big screen (unlike, say, the last X-MEN movie).

If super hero movies are your thing then definitely make the effort to see this in the theater.



Did you feel it??

Moving Traffic

So I have this cough. It started up over the weekend and finally got so annoying that I saw the doctor yesterday and she gave me meds for it. Still, I couldn’t sleep tonight. Every time I’d relax I’d start coughing again. GAH! So I ended up pulling an all-nighter. Hopefully that won’t cause me problems at work today.

Anyway, I’m sitting here at 5:30am or so chatting with friends in all parts of the globe when my desk began to sway gently from side to side like I was sitting at it in a passenger car on an Amtrak train. At about the same moment I heard a movement behind me, and when I looked at the other wall my great grandmother’s picture was hanging cock-eyed. No trains going by, no trucks passing, not so much as an airplane going overhead.

Turns out it was a bonafide earthquake!

Midwest Quake Felt In Grand Rapids

5.4 Earthquake Rocks Illinois; Felt 350 Miles Away

Funny how I so expected to experience my first one in New Zealand (one of the hottest earthquake zones in the world) last year and nothing happened the whole two weeks, then I come back here and BOOM! Earthquake in Grand Rapids.

Who’d a thunk it? 🙂