Karma Is A Harsh Mistress!

Karma just bitch-slapped me by bricking my iPhone.

(For my Luddite friends, “bricking” refers to any phone or other electronic device that experiences complete software failure and will no longer even power up, thus transforming instantly from a pacifier for the technologically co-dependent – me, for example –to, you guessed it, a lifeless electronic brick.)

I am at fault for the failure because last night when I downloaded the PDF race map for the Grand Rapids Marathon (which I got up at FOUR IN THE MORNING to photograph – aren’t you proud?) I quite literally considered printing a physical copy but allowed myself the following curse-infused thought:

Naah, I’ll be fine, I have the electronic version on my iPhone. What could go wrong?

Ba-da-BING!  Ba-da-BOOM!

(DISBLAMER: No, I did not drop, throw, thump, bang, dunk, or even so much as yell at my phone.  It just randomly went tets up on me.  Stupid Karma.)