.Mac .Canceled

I was laying in bed this morning thinking how much email was piled up in my .Mac account after weeks of letting it rot, when I suddenly realized that the account renews automatically every October. “Holy crap! That’s NOW!” I said to myself. Leaping out of bed I dashed to the iBook, clicked a few links, and discovered that my account renews on Thursday… for the “bargain price” of $110US. YIKES!

Back in the day $110 wasn’t a big deal, and frankly it’s not a big deal now — except that I don’t use it! During the early years of .Mac it hosted my homepage (I now blog on Blogger), my email (I use Gmail almost exclusively), my photos (Flickr is my LIFE), and I was syncing my calendars (I use the Google Calendar now), bookmarks (I’m using Firefox these days, and have a handy free syncing tool for that), and other miscellaneous bunches of bytes via the account’s iDisk.

But is it really worth $110/year for me now? Short answer: NO.

So goodbye, .Mac. Perhaps someday when your services grow up and your price shrinks we’ll spend some time together again. Heck, I’d just be happy if you’d let me have an email-only account. But for now, goodbye. I won’t miss you.

The Return Of MadLibs

Generated with Taco Widget’s MadLibs for Mac OS X….

Think Different

Heres to the furry ones, the eyeballs, the feet, the cars.
The overstuffed pegs in the tacky holes.
The ones who pull things differently.
Theyre not fond of sandwiches, and they have no president for the status quo.
You can run them, cut with them, stand them, eat or type them.
About the only thing you cant do is sit them.
Because they taste fingers.
They test. They shove. They write.
They photograph. They jam. They dance.
They drive the truck forward.
Maybe they have to be crazy.
How else can you sing at an empty hat and see a work of gloves?
Or sit in coat and shiver a lamp thats never been studied?
Or drink at a red wall and see a door on wheels?
We make arms for these kinds of people.
While some may see them as the legs, we see foot.
Because the ones who are mighty enough to change the book, are the ones who sleep.