Election Day

One of Michigan’s ballot proposals, if passed, would bar convicted felons from holding public office.

First Reaction: That’s a no-brainer, why don’t we do it already?

Second Reaction: Oh wait, who will be left to govern the state?

Of course, the word “convicted” is the qualifier.

Vote today or keep your mouth shut about politics for the next 24 months.

That is all.

Labor Day Food Fest

Doneness, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

My upcoming holiday weekend is shaping up to be all about food.

This is not a bad thing.

Miss Mary has been too overwhelmed by Life this year to put up some sweet corn for winter, so Saturday morning will see me standing at the back of Farmer Post’s truck purchasing many, many ears of corn to cut and freeze for her. (I’ve been working on my own stash slow and steady for about a month, and will have plenty to get The Man and I through a sub-zero February.) Thankfully the weather is supposed to be perfect for puttin’ up – 68°F with a breeze – so that should be a fairly simple, if time consuming task for Saturday.

The other food goal this weekend is ribs. I haven’t done them this year. Not once. I think there’s a law – not sure if it’s state or Federal – that if you have the skills and equipment you are required to BBQ a slab or ribs or two at some point between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I’m going to squeak in just under the wire with a slab, some of that Farmer Post corn, and some jacket potatoes on Monday afternoon.

I promise to post photos if I can manage to put down the fork long enough to grab a camera.

If you’ve ever had home cooked ribs, you know that’s going to be a challenge…

The White Stuff

Feets Don’t Fail Me Now!, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

The white stuff hit with a vengeance today.

The snow reportedly started up between midnight and 1am, by 8am we were getting 1-2″ per hour it was almost impossible for me to back out of my driveway. And Burton Street – which is by no means a low-traffic road – was nothing more than a two track each way. Even The SUV People were respecting others and leaving a good 4 or 5 car lengths between them.


Driving down the Burton Street two-track with little more visibility than say, half a block, I realized that the radio was blaring that song that goes: “IT’S THE MOST WONDER-FUL TIME OF THE YEAAAR!!!” and I was singing along just as loud as could be, slipping and sliding along without a care in the world.


Story of my life.

“Experimental Features”

Please pardon the lack of LINKS posts of late. It’s not that I haven’t been digging up interesting (IMHO) stuff for you to read, it’s just that the Delicious.com blog posting feature is still in “experimental” stages so IT hasn’t posted my bookmarks in days.

A fact that I only just noticed.

Until I get it up and running again (or harass Delcious enough to get them to get it back up and running again) you can check back here any time to see my most recent links in the right-hand sidebar, or visit my link list directly at: