Fashion For The Not-So-Frigid

Bootie Call
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So I showed up at the Baldwin sled dog races in a sweater, jeans, a Columbia jacket, and my tennis shoes. It was February 13th and the temperature was a balmy 3°F in the North woods.

Alaine’s mom was shocked and appalled that I intended to go out and enjoy myself in city clothes. She obviously knew better than I did – I was blissfully oblivious to the inadequacy of my dress. So before I was allowed out of the trailer she saw to it that I had a warm pair of overall snow pants and an old pair of her Columbia boots to keep me warm. I’ve never been warmer.

I know now that people who hate winter because of the cold simply aren’t dressing right. Honestly. I see people huddled against the cold now and when I look closer I realize that they’re wearing a thin “coat” that is often flapping open and tennis shoes or little non-thermal “boots” that are so small and thin that they’re packed with snow and ice the minute they walk out the door. All of this in the name of “fashion”.

Know what I say? To Hell with fashion! Get yourself a proper coat and boots. You’ll be a happier, warmer person and winter will be just that little bit more bearable.

Now, if I just had a solution for potholes….

Welcome To The Matrix

Welcome To The Matrix
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Yeah, I’m not around much. As usual I’ve been busy. We’re getting up at 4:30am and hitting the gym before work now, which means that we go to bed earlier than before. By the time we get home from work, make dinner, and do the days business (pay bills, do laundry, whatever) I’m literally too tired to do much of anything else but check my email and go to bed.

This is a shot of D’s sister, Mari. She has never owned a computer in her life, and as I understand it she uses a regular terminal at work, not a PC. I was shocked last Fall when she told us that she was thinking about getting a computer. We convinced her to get a laptop so that she can take it along when she travels, and last weekend she finally decided that it was time to shop.

I have to say, for someone who has effectively never used a computer before, she caught on very quickly and will be a power user before we know it. Great job, Mari! 🙂

In other news I’ve fulfilled one of my new years resolutions. Unfortunately is was the one that I forgot to post here. Duh. So yeah, I stopped biting my nails over New Years weekend an they’re quite nice now. They’re not long, and they’ll never be dagger-style nails (those creep me out!) but they’re long enough to open a can of Coke with no effort, or give a really good back scratch. I’m quite happy with them the way they are now and I’m going to maintain them this way.

A friend convinced me to get a manicure this week before I bite or break one of my newly glorious nails, and I have to say that I really love having my nails done! Not only was the experience of getting them done nice, but having them polished for literally the first time since about high school is very gratifying. It gives me a bit of a confidence boost and makes me feel attractive. That’s a rare thing to experience for me.

Now if I could just fulfill the rest of my resolutions… 🙂

Let It Snow! PLEASE!!!

Yeah, OK, I confess that I’m one of those losers who wait until Christmas week to go shopping. It’s not intentional, it’s environmental. My problem is this:

I can’t get into the Christmas spirit without the snow!!

There, I said it. Now all of you people who hate snow in any shape, form, or thickness can just flame away. Go on. Flame, flamers!

I can’t help it, I was born and raised in Michigan. Christmas to me is ribbons and little lights and my few favorite ornaments, it’s sitting down to dinner with the family and catching up over some of the best food and wine that you’ve ever tasted, it’s decorating the tree and making hot drinks like cocoa and mulled cider, it’s even listening to that silly Star Trek ornament of Duane’s say “Enterprise here. Spock speaking. Happy Holidays. Live long, and prosper.” every damn time we plug in the tree lights. Every. Damn. Time.

And yes, it’s snow.

I don’t need 15″ in an hour, I don’t even want it on the road, but it has to cover the grass and drop from the tree limbs whenever the wind kicks up. It has to crunch under my feet and spooge from under my feet when it gets slushy. It has to pack into a ball shape at a moment’s notice when I’ve got an unsuspecting target in my sights. It has to be there, and be cold, in order for me to really buy into the warmth of the holiday.

The snow that we had a few weeks ago has melted into vapor and I find myself with zero gifts to wrap and even less ambition to go buy some. The bummer is that I have two days off to shop next week and the local forecast says it will be in the 40’s and 50’s for the next week or so.

Hmm, I wonder if everyone that I know will be mad if I don’t give them gifts until January this year…