Ecto Test Post 1

I’m sitting here playing with the latest version of Ecto.

One of the juicy new features is the ability to seamlessly pull a posted photo from my own photo stream and plug it into the blog post in any one of three sizes either by order of my entire stream, from one of my sets, from one of my contact’s streams, from one of the groups that I belong to, or by tag from the whole Flickrverse. Pretty cool. Size choices are:


Floater 3


Floater 3


Floater 3

Sweet! Effortlessly sweet.

Hmm. I’d better stick with “medium” from now on. 🙂

Two For, One Against… Sort Of

Did you hear that Lightroom 2.0 came out this week? No? Have you been living under a photographic rock?

I am a LR geek. Totally. I’ve been using it since about Beta 2 of v1.0 and have never looked back. In the interest of fairness I have given Aperture a spin once or twice, checked under the hood, and kicked the tires, but I always go back to Lightroom with stars in my eyes and a song in my heart. We were meant for each other.

So this week LR v2.0 came out and I’m sitting here thinking how much I “need” it. But do I? Do I need it enough to justify the cost when I’m on my tightest budget in years and taking about 2 photos per month? (Yeah, I’m exaggerating, but not that much!)


Convince me.  John Nack tried and Scott Kelby came close, but I still haven’t actually hit the BUY NOW button yet. What’s even more interesting is that so far even I haven’t been able to convince myself, and anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that that’s impressive!

If only they’d added the option to export slideshows to a QuickTime file… *sigh*

LISTENING TO: “Slave To Love” – Bryan Ferry

The Return Of MadLibs

Generated with Taco Widget’s MadLibs for Mac OS X….

Think Different

Heres to the furry ones, the eyeballs, the feet, the cars.
The overstuffed pegs in the tacky holes.
The ones who pull things differently.
Theyre not fond of sandwiches, and they have no president for the status quo.
You can run them, cut with them, stand them, eat or type them.
About the only thing you cant do is sit them.
Because they taste fingers.
They test. They shove. They write.
They photograph. They jam. They dance.
They drive the truck forward.
Maybe they have to be crazy.
How else can you sing at an empty hat and see a work of gloves?
Or sit in coat and shiver a lamp thats never been studied?
Or drink at a red wall and see a door on wheels?
We make arms for these kinds of people.
While some may see them as the legs, we see foot.
Because the ones who are mighty enough to change the book, are the ones who sleep.