The Sit-Com Postulation

I don’t particularly like sit-coms. I can’t remember the last one that I watched regularly… it had to be in the early 90’s. Frasier maybe?

It’s been a while.

I don’t know why I don’t like them. I think I have a relatively well-developed sense of humor, and other people laugh at me all the time. (hmm…) I think, in general, they bore me for one reason or another. No, not other people, sit-coms. Other people are fascinating!

So it takes a lot for me to recommend a sit-com. I’m recommending Big Bang Theory, and I’m shouting it from the rooftops!

The series revolves around a pair of young physicists – Sheldon and Leonard – who share an apartment. They are, I’m sorry to say, somewhat stereotypical geek men who are brilliant in a lab but otherwise socially stunted. Sheldon is so brilliant, technically-minded, and socially inept that he’s almost robotic. Leonard is more of a warm/fuzzy physicist who has problems socially, but recognizes concepts like tact and friendship and does his best to help Sheldon with them. They are joined in just about every episode by two scientist friends — Wolowitz, a smarmy, self-described ladies-man who is so still lives with his mother (represented in the series only by a loud, obnoxious “Jewish mother” voice), and Koothrappali, a young Indian scientist who goes completely mute in the presence of the opposite sex. The foursome is off-set by Penny, a beautiful blonde Cheesecake Factory waitress from Nebraska who lives in the apartment across the hall. She is a social butterfly and the perfect foil for the four geeks.

The writing for the show is excellent, and the comedic timing of Sheldon in particular is absolutely perfect. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to hit the REWIND button (thank God for TiVo!) because The Man and I were laughing so hard about something that we couldn’t hear what happened next.

The show starts Season 2 on Monday, September 22nd at 8pm ET. There are a couple of episodes available for viewing on the CBS web site, and season one is currently available on DVD for purchase or rental. Check it out!

Very Funny Ads!

I don’t see advertisements on the TV much anymore now that I’ve got a TiVo. (Well, ok, two of them actually, but the other one is His. And yes, we need two separate units. Trust me.) For the most part I’m not missing much – just a bunch of Viagra™ and Pine Sol™ commercials really – but I do enjoy the very best of the funny ones.

That’s where comes in. Almost all of the ads gathered here are hysterical – some in a gross way, some in a good old fashioned tickle-your-funny-bone way – and in all fairness, some are very adult, particularly the ones in the “International” category.

You’ve been warned. Now go have a laugh!