“Pulling The Plug” On Granny

I thought it would be refreshing to spread some fact, not fiction, about the so-called “Euthanasia provision” as outlined in the current version of the health insurance reform bill.

In effect, no physician is going to be authorized, ordered, required, or advised to pull the plug on anyone.

What the bill states, in fact, is that regardless of your age if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness you will have the right and the insurance coverage to seek paid counseling on:

  • life-sustaining treatment options
  • end-of-life care (hospital, in-home, hospice, etc.)
  • living will, durable power of attorney and healthcare proxy options
  • DNR (do not resuscitate) orders if you choose to file them

The object is choice and information in the face of almost certain death, without having to choose between putting food on the table and getting the critical counseling that we need to make these profound decisions.  

You see, we are all going to die someday, and for better or for worse, some of us may have some forewarning of how, when and why the end will come.  I have personally gone through the horrific process of having to determine whether or not a terminally ill family member who could not think or speak for themselves wanted extensive life-saving measures taken vs. a quiet, dignified end.  I would have given anything — and let me be perfectly clear here…


…To have had that person’s input, to have been in the position of discussing the ramifications of each option with that person, and knowing for sure what their preferences were.  This bill will provide terminally ill patients with the counseling that they need to make those informed decisions so that their friends and family members will know what to do at a critical time when it is difficult to think clearly, if at all.

Read the provision and think for yourself, don’t let a talking head or the boob tube do the thinking for you.  This isn’t “cash for clunkers” people, this is YOUR LIFE and the lives of your loved ones.  Download the PDF copy of the bill and read it.  The relevant section is covered on pages 424 – 434 of the current version of the document. [download PDF]

Read and think and decide for yourself.


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