Ecto Test Post 1

I’m sitting here playing with the latest version of Ecto.

One of the juicy new features is the ability to seamlessly pull a posted photo from my own photo stream and plug it into the blog post in any one of three sizes either by order of my entire stream, from one of my sets, from one of my contact’s streams, from one of the groups that I belong to, or by tag from the whole Flickrverse. Pretty cool. Size choices are:


Floater 3


Floater 3


Floater 3

Sweet! Effortlessly sweet.

Hmm. I’d better stick with “medium” from now on. 🙂

“Experimental Features”

Please pardon the lack of LINKS posts of late. It’s not that I haven’t been digging up interesting (IMHO) stuff for you to read, it’s just that the blog posting feature is still in “experimental” stages so IT hasn’t posted my bookmarks in days.

A fact that I only just noticed.

Until I get it up and running again (or harass Delcious enough to get them to get it back up and running again) you can check back here any time to see my most recent links in the right-hand sidebar, or visit my link list directly at:

Katie Weller – original producer of stolent content

My apologies for the language, but this is pissing me off… Big time!

My first blog EVAR was on Blogger. It was called “Passing Obsessions” and I loved it very much. For various reasons I tried other blog services over the years but Blogger was my first and – because I returned to it late last year – my latest as well.

You never forget your first… especially when it comes back to bite you in the ass.

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