Time Flies

Time Flies
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You wouldn’t know it, but I’ve been blogging like crazy lately. Yep, me!

See, I always start blogs and go like gangbusters for a while, then I get busy with other things and the posts start getting old. Nothing new happens for days, sometimes weeks. I feel bad because I haven’t blogged and I want to make up for it with something great, but then I get distracted looking for something great and… well, you get the idea.

This post is a perfect illustration of that situation.

What to do? What to do?

Well, I have brilliant friends and that fact saves my hiney on a regular basis, let me tell ya! In this case the brilliant friend was Jim (he fills that role on a regular basis!)

You see, Jim’s been having the same problem over at Different Perspectacles. A couple of weeks ago he was mulling that very problem (reportedly on the toilet at 3am – I didn’t ask!) and thought that maybe a sort of blogging buddy system would work better.

He suggested, I listened, we weighed the pros and cons for all of about 30 seconds, and WaddaYaGot.org was born.

So for now, for the foreseeable future, you’ll find me over at WaddaYaGot.org giving it my all.

Stop by. Try it out. Watch. Read. Laugh. Comment! Subscribe to the RSS feed.

It won’t be home until you’re there too….